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Together with our friends at Faygo we've created a unique line of craft ice creams inspired by top selling Faygo flavors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these really Faygo flavors or just "inspired by"?

These are not just us trying to recreate the flavor of Faygo, or even using the pop in the ice cream. Their flavorologist was at our production facility working with our team to dial in the Faygo flavors using their actual flavorings that make the syrup that make the pop. So when you try the ice cream, it doesn't just taste like Faygo.. it is! We started by making sure the ice creams were the exact flavor of their pop, then we added our spin on them with the unique flavor combinations and creative mix-ins. We used eight flavors of Faygo to create six flavors of ice cream and are very proud that we were able to create something for everyone. While their product is used in the ice creams, they have been very insistent in making sure that people know it is a BROWNDOG product.

I am a consumer. Where can I buy your Faygo ice creams?

The demand for these flavors is great. We're adding new locations daily. You can check out our ice cream locator (click here) to see a list of locations across the state of Michigan and parts of Indiana that carry Browndog craft ice cream. When you find a location near you, you can contact that location to see if they are carrying any of the Faygo inspired flavors. Check back often as we continue to update the map.

What if I can't find any of your Faygo ice cream flavors near me?

The best thing you can do is ask your local retailer to carry the flavors. Stores carry what their customers want. If enough people ask, they will bring the in new products. Also, see the question below regarding shipping.

I have a business and would like to sell Browndog Craft Ice Cream.

That's wonderful! We offer our ice cream wholesale in pints and 3 gallon tubs. All six of the Faygo inspired flavors are available in pints while only 3 of the flavors (Choc & Rye, Unicorn Swirl, & Groovy Grape) are available in 3 gallon tubs. Please fill out the wholesale inquiry form here and we will contact you as soon as possible*.

What are the 6 Faygo inspired flavors?

Click here to see the flavors

How much is the ice cream?

Pricing is determined by the individual retailer.

Do you ship ice cream?

Our craft ice cream is shipped via UPS next day air. Orders ship out on Wednesdays of each week. Order cut off for shipping each week is Monday at 7 am.

Have more questions?  Feel free to send us an email.

*Please note that we are getting a large influx of inquiries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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